History of Stardust Speed Club

Dear Skaters, Coaches, Parents, and Inline Skating Supporters,
SEND THE BEST, a volunteer organization, is kicking off a fundraiser for the 2006 Inline Speed World Team today. Along with this fundraiser is an opportunity to *WIN* two free passes to the 2006 Indoor Speed Nationals in Lincoln, NE. Tell friends, neighbors, rink owners/operators, and family members. Post and handout flyers in your neighborhood, at work, at school, in the gym, and anywhere else you can think of to draw attention to our goal to help send the best inline speed athletes to represent the USA at Worlds.

They are referring to this fundraiser/contest as – Helping Champions Live Their Dreams -, which is exactly what will happen if the organization can raise enough money to send the best-qualified inline speed skaters to Korea in August! You may be asking yourself “why should I participate” so here are a few encouraging thoughts:

You want the best athletes to represent the USA and they need help paying for their expenses;
You or a family member will benefit directly from the funds raised;
You want to *WIN* two free passes to the 2016 Indoor Nationals in Lincoln, NE (courtesy of US/ARS), and some awesome real money gifts from our friends from the UK casino advisor bestrealmoneyonlinecasinos.co.uk;
You know someone other than yourself who could use the two free passes;
You want to set a good example for your own children and/or your team;
You LOVE skating and want to do everything possible to promote and support the sport.
Remember, 100% of the funds raised will be shared evenly among the 32 athletes who qualify at Outdoor Nationals to represent the USA in Korea. The more ads and boosters you sell, the more money they have to pay for lodging, airfare, food, personal items, equipment, and other necessities.

Don’t wait until the 2016 Inline Speed World Team is announced! Start today! CLICK HERE for the Information Packet. Thanking you in advance for your support and participation.

Team Leader

* SEND THE BEST is an innovative organization aimed at sending our best athletes to the World Inline Speed Skating Championships. The organization hopes to provide resources and financial support to the inline speed skaters who would otherwise do without. Our passion is skating, and our pledge is to Team USA and Sending the Best. This organization is comprised of volunteers and is not a branch or subsidiary, nor auxiliary for USA/RS.

**The person who collects the most money will *WIN* two free passes to the 2006 Indoor Speed Nationals in Lincoln, NE. This includes both morning and evening sessions.

The Stardust Speed Club began in the Tampa, Florida in the late 1970’s. The club was formed by Bob Trosky and one of his first skaters was current Tampa coach Sam Johnson. The club grew to national status in the early 1980’s competing throughout the US. In 1984 at the US National Championship, Bob Trosky approached Ed Mueller the coach at the Palace in Lantana, Florida about combining clubs to counteract the combining of clubs in the Tampa area. In 1985 the Palace Entertainment Center in Lantana became part of the Stardust Speed Skating family. The club enjoyed National Championship success throughout the rest of 1980’s and early 1990’s. Bob Trosky and Ed Mueller were named Co-Coaches of the Year in 1989.

In 1991 Bob Trosky retired from coaching and Sam Johnson took over as the Tampa coach. Struggling with changes in the Tampa area Sam eventually moved the United Skates of America rink in 1994. The club struggled through the development of inline skates and in 1995 had one of its best years with 22 national placements. In 1998 Sam Johnson and Ed Mueller were named Co-Coaches of the Year a second time for the Stardust coaches. The Stardust Speed Club prospered in the late 1990’s and grew both their indoor and outdoor program.

Stardust produced World Team Members Chad Burdzilauskas, Jonathan Webster, Jean Hoy, Joey Colozzo and Michele McCranels to add to previous World Team members Mike Mueller, Lisa Trosky and Deanna Parker. Now the Stardust Speed Club of Lantana has moved to Atlantis Skateway in GreenAcres, FL and our name has changed to Stardust Speed Club of Florida. So come join the fun and meet great people.